The Stock Market is BULLISH! (SPX, NDX, DJI, RUT, VIX, BTC)

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    [0:00] Intro
    [0:17] S&P500/SPX
    [4:58] Bear/Bull Survey
    [6:01] Nasdaq100/NDX
    [8:50] Dow Jones/DJI
    [10:17] Russell2000/RUT
    [11:23] VIX
    [13:19] Bitcoin/BTC
    [14:52] Conclusion
    Moving Averages
    Green - 5 EMA
    Orange - 13 EMA
    Red - 50 EMA
    White - 20 SMA
    The stock market is BULLISH! Macro trends are still bullish and price action is still holding above critical support levels. Remain objective and let the price action do ALL of the talking. The stock market is at great risk/reward ratios for long trades and we could be in the very early stages of the next bull cycle. Check out the analysis!
    In this weekend update we will review weekly and monthly charts of the S&P500 (SPX), Nasdaq100 (NDX), Dow Jones Industrial (DJI), Russell2000 (RUT), and Bitcoin (BTC). We'll also look at the VIX.
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