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    Enjoy a clip from the latest episode of the askSlim Market Week.
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    Hear 46-year trading pro, Steve Miller, share unique analysis and commentary on the financial markets. Slim looks at 300+ #stocks, #ETFs , #Indexes and #futures. Bull market or bear market, you'll be amazed at these unique cycle charts, evolved from decades of work.
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    Slim's Background:
    #Trader, analyst and mentor, Steve "Slim" Miller is an active trader in index futures, #gold, #silver, #bonds, oil, #dollar, euro, stocks and #options. He is also a trader coach and hedge fund consultant. Slim is a past member of the CBOE, CBOT and Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
    Slim looks at things differently than most market analysts. He applies his unique cycle analysis to nearly 400 widely held stocks, futures and ETFs. Learn the most unique style of technical analysis, evolved from the work of JM Hurst's book, "Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing"
    For investors and traders with interest in, investing, trading, swing trade, scalping, indextrading, pairs, indexes, treasury, #FOREX, #FX trading, dollar, euro, yen, pound, currency, currencies, Powell, interest rates, Fed, FOMC.
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    Brokers: TDA, TD Ameritrade, thinkorswim, Schwab, Etrade, Fidelity, Tastyworks, robinhood, webull,
    Charting: stockcharts, barcharts, tradingview
    Strategies: swing #trading, scalping, #investing, investments, fxtrading, fx trading, fx signals, crude oil, bullish, bearish, options, option trading, spreading, pair trading, vertical spreads, butterfly spreads, iron condors, strangles, straddles, diagonal spread, delta, Vega, Gama, theta, option decay, leverage ETF


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