What Exactly Is The NASDAQ?

    Chỉ số nasdaq

    If you’re at all involved in the financial markets and especially the stock market, you’ve definitely heard the term NASDAQ. You might hear things like “The NASDAQ is down 1000 points today” or “Coinbase is being listed on the NASDAQ.” But what exactly is the NASDAQ in the first place? Well, the NASDAQ is actually just a company that offers several different electronic exchanges across the globe. This company also offers a slew of different indices such as the NASDAQ Composite, the NASDAQ 100, and the NASDAQ Global Dragon China Index. Aside from these indices, the NASDAQ company itself is listed on the NASDAQ exchange meaning that you can buy shares of the company. In reality, the NASDAQ is hard to understand or that complicated. The reason that it may seem confusing or overwhelming is simply that the same name is used to describe different things. This video explains all the things people refer to when they say NASDAQ and what exactly each of these things is.
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    0:00 - What Is The NASDAQ?
    1:08 - Company
    3:13 - Stock Exchange
    6:01 - Indices
    8:24 - NASDAQ vs NYSE
    10:41 - NASDAQ Explained
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