Nasdaq (NDAQ) Stock Analysis - Best Dividend Growth Stock? Intrinsic Value Calculation!

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    In this in-depth Nasdaq (NDAQ) stock analysis review, you will learn about Nasdaq's businesses, how Nasdaq makes money, Nasdaq's competitive advantages and long-term growth prospects, Nasdaq's biggest competitors and risks, and how to calculate Nasdaq stock's intrinsic value, so you will know whether Nasdaq stock is undervalued. I will talk about whether Nasdaq is one of the best dividend growth stocks.
    0:00 Intro
    1:52 Nasdaq Business Overview
    3:15 Market Technology
    4:41 Investment Intelligence (Nasdaq 100 index)
    6:50 Corporate Platforms
    8:15 Market Services
    9:17 Nasdaq's Financials
    10:42 Revenue Guidance, Economic Moat, Long-term Prospects
    14:57 Nasdaq's Competition and Risks
    16:33 Nasdaq Stock Valuation
    18:59 Nasdaq Stock Rating
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