"Lots of hedge fund alpha is masquerading as beta" - Vidak Radonjic, The Beryl Consulting Group

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    "Lots of hedge fund alpha is masquerading as beta" - Vidak Radonjic, The Beryl Consulting Group
    "Many hedge funds claim to generate alpha, which is the excess return on an investment relative to the return of a benchmark index. However, much of what is often presented as alpha is actually beta, which is the return that can be attributed to market exposure or general market movements.
    In other words, some hedge funds may not be delivering unique, skill-based returns but are instead benefiting from broader market trends and risks that any investor could access. This can be misleading for investors who believe they are paying high fees for the hedge fund manager's expertise in generating true alpha, when in reality, a significant portion of the returns could be replicated through simpler, lower-cost strategies that capture market beta."
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